Minecraft Beacon

A beacon is a cube which projects light beam skyward, also may offer status effects like Speed, Jump Boost, Haste, Regeneration, Resistance, or Power to neighboring players.

A beacon could be mined successfully with any instrument, or with the participant’s fists.


Beacon cubes can be the light sources, emitting a mild level 15. As with other light sources, they melt ice and snow hockey. They can’t be pushed by pistons.‌ [Java Edition just ] In Bedrock Edition, beacons will also be among the sole redstone solid blocks which may be waterlogged.

When”triggered”, beacon cubes offer two particular functions:

A milestone ray reaching to the skies, which is visible from far away.
Powers, that give players standing effects in a particular selection. 


The beacon base could be made from the various mineral cubes combined.

To Be Able to trigger a beacon, the beacon must fulfill the following requirements:


The four potential pyramid structures while employing the beacon block. From left into the pyramid constructions decrease in sophistication and strength.

Pyramids are the constructions necessary to trigger beacons. There are four potential pyramid peaks. More pyramid levels create more forces offered at a broader affected area. The kind of mineral block utilized to construct the pyramid is completely cosmetic and does not have any practical effect. Several different block types can be combined without affecting performance. If the volcano is damaged so the beacon deactivates, the previously-set forces restart their consequences on reactivation once the pyramid is mended. This applies to piston-altered pyramids too.

In Bedrock Edition, the beam is just visible from around 256 blocks off, no matter how large the leave space is set.

The colour of the beam might be altered by putting blocks of glass (or stained glass panes) anywhere over the beacon block. The column changes colours based on the colours of glass put over it: the very first block puts the column shade, while every extra block puts the colour by averaging the red, green, and blue elements of the present beam color along with also the block’s color. The colour values are just like those for the corresponding dye. This also functions using tempered glass and tempered stained glass panes.‌ [Bedrock and Instruction variations just ]

Oddly enough, beacon beams can’t undergo many blocks but can undergo bedrock and finish portals.

The GUI shown when pressing usage on this block.

When the beacon is emitting a beam, it may subsequently be fed 1 iron ingot, 1 golden ingot, 1 emerald, 1 diamond, or one netherite ingot to pick the status effects awarded to players in reach of the beacon. This is accomplished via the beacon’s GUI, exhibited by pressing usage whilst taking a look at the beacon block. It is irrelevant which of these things is fed to the beacon.

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From the GUI, the participant puts the thing to be fed at the slot that is empty and clicks a result from the “Main Power” section on the leftside. If the beacon is sitting on a 4-level pyramid, the “Secondary Power” section on the right also becomes busy. The participant can then choose to flip on the Regeneration electricity along with the key Power or to increase the key ability to Level II. The user clicks the”Done” button (green checkmark), the merchandise is absorbed, and the ability (therefore ) become triggered. To alter the beacon’s powers, this procedure must be followed , consuming a different ingot or stone.

If the volcano is broken, impacts deactivate or weaken, or even the beacon deactivates entirely based on the degree of the pyramid that’s no longer intact. Upon recovery of this pyramid, the initially chosen power returns without needing to devote another product.

The Main Powers are:

Rate I: Increased motion rate.
Haste I'm Increased mining and attack rate.
Resistance I'm Reduced nearly all incoming harm (2-level lien demanded ).
Jump Boost I'm Increased leaping distance and elevation (2-level pyramid required).
Power I'm Improved melee damage (3-level lien demanded ). 

The Secondary Powers accessible with a 4-level pyramid are:

Regeneration I: Regenerates wellbeing.
Growing the Key Capability to level II. 

It’s also possible to combine 2 different Main Level I forces:

Choose a primary power from the left panel
choose the Level II choice in the Ideal panel
Choose the second desirable power back in the left panel

Only one of those two forces seem to be chosen, although both outcomes are active.‌ [Java Edition just ]

Each seconds, the chosen powers are employed with a length of 9 minutes, and 2 minutes per pyramid degree, to players in scope. Thus, when forces are shifted or a participant travels away from the area-of-effect, the forces persist for 5–9 seconds, or 13-17 minutes with a complete pyramid.