The Ultimate Guide to Stay Safe at Cuba

Though Cuba is generally a safe country to see, a visit to Cuba may expose one to”small” offenses like money scams, pickpocketing, as well as even theft. You also need to know about risks to your health like road conditions ailments, and tap water if you’re driving.

This manual is a comprehensive resource for travelers that wish to maintain security in mind throughout their experience that is Cuban. We have included a packaging checklist of security products that you need to bring to Cuba.

We have recorded security tips for a trip to Cuba
The Fundamentals of Traveling Safety

Is Cuba safe – pack your medications

Pack your medicines

Cuba’s health care system is famous round the world for its doctors and maintenance, but if you become injured you do not need to get caught unprepared. In the wilderness or at rural areas, practices might be tough to find.

Packing Checklist: Bring all of the essentials such as bandages, aspirin, and bismuth within an off-beat First Aid kits mall sufficient to fit into your back pack.

In the event of a crisis than that which your first aid kit can manage more serious, you are going to want a health care and travel insurance policy set up like Roam Right with a supplier.

This way, if you are involved in an crash, get perhaps run like missing luggage, or ill, you will be cared for.
Keep original files safe

You need to be prepared to demonstrate a photocopy of your passport or of another document, in the event other agency suppliers or the police request them. Keep the originals in a safe place and take all of the time to the copies .

Packing Checklist: To maintain your files safe and protected, think about using a Hidden USB and storing it on you constantly. Nobody but you’ll understand it is Because it is intended to resemble a dog label!
You Must use money, but do not carry a lot of on you

You are going to need to use money to make purchases in Cuba.

Do not expect restaurants or many shops to get the infrastructure to take debit cards or charge cards, and do not intend on locating any ATMs as you’re there.

When taking cash, be sensible and use common sense. The most offenses of the country are theft, although it is a fact that offense in Cuba is low.

You have a good deal of control when it comes to protecting yourself.

Listed below are a Couple of useful ground rules:

Do not carry all your money with you simultaneously. Keep some saved in a secure place such as a bag.
Do not put your wallet in a pocket. Without you noticing it is extremely simple for a burglar to sneak out it.
If you are using a purse or a backpack, keep your wallet and valuables in a zippered inner pocket and take the bag before you constantly. 

Packing Checklist: To best protect your money when traveling in Cuba, we highly suggest using a travel cash belt such as this one from Peak Gear. The buckle is lively and lightweight enough to not draw on the identical quantity of attention for handbag or a backpack. Besides, you can wear it which makes it impossible for a burglar to reach with no notice to it.

Keep your bag locked

It is no secret that when traveling, you have to leave your luggage .

In a state like Cuba, sadly belongings could be obtained from luggage left unattended in cars, hotels, or airports .

Packing Checklist: Considering that most thieving in Cuba is completed as an simple crime of chance, placing a TSA lock onto your bag is a fantastic way to discourage any prospective burglars.

If you performing a trip and you’re worried about itineraries, budget, and security, take a look at our guide to backpacking Cuba!
Handling the Cuban People.

Not everyone is the friend

Cubans have a reputation for being chatty, and friendly with tourists. You are guaranteed to earn some friends that are wonderful .

Crime can occur anywhere, even in the countries in the world. By expecting in men and women please, do not fall prey.
Prevent slums

Is Cuba secure to see with areas? Like in any state, some regions of Cuba are more harmful than others. Some areas are outside the law, in which a tourist could possibly be easy prey for robbers and muggers.

Be careful if you pay a visit to the capital city! Havana is significantly more dangerous than towns. Your security may be compromised should you pay a visit to some areas in Guanabacoa, Marianao, and Centro Habana. You should go there using a buddy that is local that is trusted.

Packing Checklist: Take a traveling whistle like the NOOPEL Emergency Whistle in the event you encounter any issue or a keychain which doubles as a personal security alarm. Law enforcement will come running!

Tourism is a huge industry in Cuba, and the others resort like hustling yelling, or panhandling while Cubans find ways to profit from tourism. Here are a Couple of things

Do not accept anything that somebody tries to drive into your hands (if you don't would like to cover it).
If a person offers to sketch you, then sing for you, or have a picture with you, they will expect payment for this.
In case a"useful local" approaches you and offers (often unsolicited) hints, information, or instructions, they will expect payment for this. 

While begging could be debatable, it is generally not dangerous, and also a polite but firm”no” ought to be sufficient to dissuade them.
Frequent Scams in Cuba

Currency scams

In which thieves wish to encounter diverted travelers pickpocketing is debatable in Cuba, particularly in cities such as Havana or in tourist destinations.

Be cautious of your environment and the people around you. Pickpocketing isn’t the type of crime that occurs in a dark alleyway at two. It is most likely to take place during daylight in a place that is crowded.

Packing Checklist: Pickpockets select easy targets. Keep belongings close and your cash, preferably.
Prevent money scams

Is Cuba secure of money scams? Quite the opposite. The money scam is just one of the most frequent scams in Cuba, and tourists are especially targeted by it.

To comprehend the way the scam operates, you should be aware of the fundamentals of currency program that is Cuban. Cuba has a dual currency system: the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP) both circulate formally on the staircase.

The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is that the money most often used by tourists and is the more valuable of both. In CADECA, the official trade office, for just 1 U.S. dollar you may get 0.87 CUC, although some”street vendors” will give you a few pennies more.

Though has motives, please, bear in mind she or he may be a scammer.
Beware of imitation”neighborhood guides”

Is Cuba secure to travel after those sonic attacks? News reports about strikes had a great deal of folks.

News of the attacks spread rapidly due to a feeling of tragedy that appeared out from a spy film and also their brazenness. You do not have a lot to be concerned about as a traveler while reports of those attacks are actual.

The strikes, though unknown in origin, seem to have targeted just members of the U.S. government such as diplomats and CIA representatives. Where these diplomats stayed at the moment, they took place.

As of this writing of this guide, there are no attacks against tourists.

We don’t consider or plan when preparing for a thrilling trip.

You are going to wish to know who to phone for assistance if you end up in a crisis situation.

Packing Checklist: Write down to a couple of important telephone numbers in a traveling laptop similar to this and keep it with you constantly.

Emergency contacts:

Authorities: 106

Is Cuba safe – common sense safety measures
Do not walk alone at night

Is Cuba secure to walk around at night? In your own risk!

Being lonely leaves you a simple target for muggers. Exercise after nightfall while walking round a city in your home state.

Do not get drunk

At any stage you are going to want to cut loose with some of Cuba rum or a sterile Cuba Libre while in Cuba.

Security may be a problem, When there are no laws or constraints against ingesting alcohol at Cuba. Because of this, unless you are traveling with a bunch it is best to not get.

Make sure you exercise common sense principles when you’re not drinking to the point of drunkenness. Never have a drink from a stranger unless it had been ready facing you if you visit a nightclub. Don’t complete while you left to use the restroom.
Do not invite strangers in your area

Cubans have a reputation for being friendly, which means you will not be needing during your trip for business.

Normally, resorts and casas particulares (private rooms) enable you to get guests, assuming the operator or supervisor is informed ahead. Any traffic to your own room will have to get registered.

Oryou can avoid the problem by bypassing the invitation and hanging out in a public place such as a cafe or cantina with your friends.

Packing Checklist: You may add an excess layer of security using a temporary, mobile lock such as the Addalock.

Cuba isn’t a nation where people are utilized to luxuries. You might draw the eye of somebody who’d love to invite themselves Should you dress in a manner that indicates your own wealth.

Do not wear jewelry that is valuable, take designer purses, flaunt your cash, or utilize devices that are expensive .

While the vast majority of Cubans do not mean you any harm, you don’t have any control over who’s taking note of you if they find the opportunity to 37, and also what they may do.
Closing Thoughts

You are certain to have an amazing time in Cuba by following these safety tips. In virtually no time, you’ll be walking the streets of Old Havana or skimming your feet together among the pristine shores of Cuba on your hand.

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